Project Goals

Current Goal: Minimum Viable Product checklist

Also known as, the smallest version of the game possible; boiling the game ideas down to its essence. At the moment we're not trying to make it pretty-- just functional.

The Terrain (5/5) - Done!

  • Done! - Create a random, procedurally generated world when the game loads.
  • Done! - Generate biomes in semi-random clumps using Voronoi polygons.
  • Done! - Make the starting scene an island.
  • Done! - Use four land ground tiles: sand, dirt, grass, stone.
  • Done! - Make an algorithm to seamlessly transition from one biome to another using transparent tiles.

Saving and Loading (0/3) - WAS done, reworking - 

  • Done! - WAS done, reworking - Create a new world.
  • Done! - WAS done, reworking - Save an existing world (camera position, floors/terrain, character, walls, furnishings).
  • Done! -  WAS done, reworking - Load from a previous save file  (camera position, floors/terrain, character, walls, furnishings).

Spawn Objects (4/5)

  • Done! - Spawn one test character.
  • Done! - Spawn one type of tree (douglas fir)
  • Done! - Spawn one type of rock on any biome
  • Done! - Spawn one type of crop plant (corn) on grass or dirt biome
  • Spawn a ruined farmhouse (prefab) on the grass, dirt, or stone biome

Assign the Character 'Jobs' (6/8)

  • Done!- Create a basic 'job queue' system.
  • Done! - Create an action menu that appears on a right-click.
  • Search the ruined farmhouse by right-clicking and selecting 'Search'.
  • Instantiate any objects discovered in the search (folded tent).
  • Done! - Cut down a tree by right-clicking on the tree and selecting 'Chop Down Tree'.
  • Done! - After cutting down the tree, replace its graphic with a stump and wood piles.
  • Done! - Harvest a crop by right-clicking on the crop and selecting 'Harvest Crop'.
  • Done! - After harvesting, replace crop graphic with post-harvest image and corn cobs.

Make a Stockpile and Simple Inventory System (1/4)

  • Done! - Designate a stockpile by selecting a 'create stockpile' button, then clicking and dragging with the left mouse button.
  • Allow a character to place one stack of small objects in its inventory.
  • Allow a character to remove a stack of small objects in its inventory.
  • Use the harvested corn cob and wood piles to demonstrate this functionality

Build Items (0/2)

  • Build a fire when 5x wood is in the character's inventory
  • Pitch a tent with the folded tent found in the farmhouse.

Character Interaction (0/2)

  • The character should track their hunger, and be able to eat when it's low (from items in the stockpile).
  • Make a very basic reproduction ability for humans.

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