Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Health Update

Just so you know, I'm only mostly dead!

Also, I had a CAT scan today. I figured this was worth showing in lieu of a meaningful project update. I'll be back someday, I swear.


  1. Hi, just stumbled upon LPC Babies post in, which led me here.

    I'm really sorry about your chronic illness. How are you doing? I hope it hasnt gotten too badly... I hope you have anyone there for you in this rough times, but if you dont, we can chat anytime you want!

    I'm working on a rpg zombie game, could be considered a simulation, as I focus on the psychology of people, and making the npc's be their own "person", also gonna work on realist weather, ecosystems... (but on the long run haha)).

    So if you want we talk about anything!

    i hope you get better soon!

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