Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Warm-up successful!

My drag-and-drop floor-wall layout tool mini-project seems to have done the trick. That, and today's been my best day in the last six weeks.

Have some screenshots (if these make any sense). It's basically a two-day game jam amount of work for a healthy person. I'm making a retro-RPG style house interior, with auto-generated walls and a rotate tool for more angles.

Progress 1: We can drag and drop different types of flooring!

Progress 2: Back walls shoot up automatically! No automatic edge detection yet.

Progress 3: Figuring out the logic for the top border.
It's a tiny little thing, but I feel good about my coding abilities again. If I get a couple more good days, I'll tackle the last few issues holding the Character Creator project back.

If people are interested in this, I might be persuaded to release the code or the Unity project, so you can add to it or play with it yourselves. We'll see. :)

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