Thursday, December 7, 2017

Varied Layer Orders!

Here's a quandary:

Scarves go on the neck slot. Bow ties go on the neck slot. ... But bow-ties go over vests and under overcoats, and scarves are on top of everything. Shoes are under pants, but long boots go over tight pants, but not loose pants or skirts. But the shoes and long boots go in the 'feet' slot, and pants and skirts go in the 'legs' slot.

Well, not a problem any longer! I've gone into the code, gutted a lot of redundancy along the way, and implemented a system where the program moves the layers' order to the sort_order defined in the XML. So I can define all pants and skirts to sorting order #24, except for tight pants, which go on #18.

The end result is leaner, more dynamic code-- which can be easily edited to include 'behind' layers (giving support for capes, cloaks, and long-long hair, and prevents clipping with weapons)-- and scarves, long boots, and other things are in their proper places.

(Also-- capes and cloaks soon! Yes!)

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