Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Body menu complete for half of my bases!

I've focused on female bodies and accessories so far in my program... well, mostly because 1) I'm female and I felt like it, and 2) a lot of my major characters from my books are female, and it's motivating to be able to make them more and more detailed and accurate as I progress.

Case in point, my nerdy sorceress, Emerdine. Isn't she adorable?

I may have spent at least ten minutes walking her around the screen, bouncing like a dork, once the cape and that hairstyle were in the system.

So I'm very pleased to say-- the body menu is finished! The buttons are done, the options are in all skin colors. The expressions work with the noses which work with the beards.

I've been requested to make some pants for the 'muscular' body type next, to make him usable, followed by male hair and body options next. I've also nearly finished the 'loading' scene, between the setup screen and the main creator.

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