Sunday, November 26, 2017

Server Issues Have Been Fixed!!!

It took a while to get the cPanel reset, followed by trouble with the FTP, but I'm finally in and we've got our first live build online!

This isn't a release statement. Not quite yet.

In order to be usable, I need to fix some platform specific bugs that have cropped up. Here's the list: I'll post frequent updates so you can all see my progress. I don't see any of this taking more than a few days.
  • Setup:
    • Missing fonts (Ariel bold)
    • Fuzzy text? There must be a way to fix that.
    • Body menu goes off the bottom of the screen.
  • Import Data: 
    • Add 'loading' graphic while XML is parsed.
    • Change how the required animations are checked to take less memory. 
  • Render:
    • Fix new render save path for WebGL! (System crash!)
    • Add timestamp to the single doll render so they have unique filenames.
    • Rendering on the web app makes a pixelated preview-dummy. 
  • General: 
    • Look for ways to slim / refactor the code!
    • Write PHP script that zips up the renders and prompts the user to download them!
    • Strip out unneeded 3rd party asset DLLs

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