Sunday, November 12, 2017

New Belle Skirt!


Okay, so I don't usually post about a QA job... but in this case, I feel like I deserve it. Bleh. 18/40 women's assets complete!

I loved this skirt to death, but after I parted it from the blouse it needed a bunch of redraws: the skirt was plastered over the waist-area regardless of how the waist curved, so the butt came out of the skirt on the side completely on thrust_north, and all the shoot animations were off. So while I was cruising at about three set inspections a day... this one took me three days.

Anyway, have the set early. (I'll put this on my account later.) This is my own color set, but I've added the scale on each image so it can be very easily altered.

Idle / Stand

CC-by-SA 3.0. Originally from the 'Underdress' set by Sharm (Lanea Zimmerman) who's done some awesome work for LPC.

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