Thursday, November 2, 2017

Major Features? FINISHED!

I have just ticked off the last item on my current 'to do' list, aside from finishing the graphics credits (which is half done).
  • The character's controlled with WASD and the E key.
  • 1-5 are weapon / action hotkeys. They're also buttons.
  • Preview background can be changed from the Settings Menu.
  • A magic effect animation has been added.
  • Body: Skeleton has been added!
So. What's left?
  • Getting the damn thing online. Finally.
  • Finish the credit spreadsheets for the items currently in the program
  • QA / fix all the current graphics:
    • Graphics must animate with the base without jittering
    • Graphics must not cut off prematurely
    • Make graphics compatible with others where possible (shirts and pants should use the same curve)
    • Graphics must contain 5 or 6 shades per color scale
    • Standardize the color scales used
  • Little code touches:
    • Add a 'loading' graphic for the pause while the sprite libraries load
    • ... ... (I can't think of what else we need...)
Most of this is curating the LPC graphics collection! Which means I can do this post-release, and add more and better options with updates.

Someday, once all this is finished, I'd like to add to the LPC set myself; a medieval clothing set, a Victorian clothing set, maybe a touch of scifi elements, a bunch of new, shiny hair styles. But that's another project for another day.

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