Wednesday, November 8, 2017

LPC Wishlist

Sprite sheet QA is long and tedious. Also, it doesn't really come with a lot of exciting news or screenshots. "Look, guys, I made this article of clothing not bounce on the walk_north animation!" ... Yeah, no. I don't see any parties being thrown there.

(Though if the QA completion stuff interests you, this is the spreadsheet I use to track my progress.)

I keep seeing things I'd love to add to the LPC set in the meantime, so I thought I'd make a list here of things that I think are missing, that I'd love to see made or make myself later.

  •  Man's suspenders
  • Child's suspenders
  • Woman's long-sleeve shirt
  • Woman's swimsuit
  • Woman's baggy pants
  • Woman's sash-belt (with bow)
  • Child's sash-belt (with bow)
  • Child's swimsuit
  • Sandals, for everyone
  • Shorts, for everyone
  • Jackets, for everyone
  • Long coats, for everyone
  • Collared shirts, for everyone
  • Vests, for everyone

Hair Styles:
  •  Buzz cut (semi-transparent)
  • Very short (non-transparent)
  • Loose, sleek curls
  • Fluffy curls
  • Long hair, draped over one eye
  • True afro
  • One bun
  • Two buns
  • Two braids
Eventually, I'd like to look into themed packs. A medieval pack. A late-Victorian pack with puffy sleeves. A sci-fi pack.

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