Thursday, November 30, 2017

Found a code workaround, made three new shirts.

To start off-- new shirts! I've just finished the third one:

Long sleeve women's shirt, long sleeve women's blouse, and a scoop necked androgynous shirt. It's not much (mostly remixing several other articles of clothing) but it's long frustrated me that the LPC set had no long sleeves for women.

In other news! I've gone over the problems I was having with my husband. I have a background as a PHP developer, while he plays with Angular web stacks and such, and since he's more knowledgeable about javascript than I am he was able to figure out that my approach to saving the compiled character images was fighting built-in web security measures at every step.

And then we figured out a PHP solution. Huzzah! I'll be making a REST call straight to a PHP file instead. ... I hadn't wanted to send the .png byte arrays over request data, but... eh, screw my overly nit-picky 'elegance' thing. The files are very small, and it works. So I'll be programming that in tonight.

Most of the to-do items on my list have been finished; as soon as this is up and working reliably, the creator's pre-alpha gets released.

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