Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Credits, Hair, Dynamic Window Height...

I took a few days off to be a zombie; nonetheless, a few things did get done in the meantime.

I added a bunch of new hair styles, for the express purpose of filling out the left menu so I could test the scroll wheel. The window now resizes with the content, and I have a bunch of new, untested hair in the system-- all in red and none of it QA-ed, but we'll get there.

I've also started going through the assets and documenting everything's source; something I should have started earlier, but Makrohn's Universal LPC Spritesheet project makes it a little easier. Ish.

Truth is that not everything is in Makrohn's collection, and I'm using this opportunity to catalog what has and hasn't gone through QA, and what sources I'm missing. It'll be long, tedious work, but by the CC3.0-by-SA license, it's also vitally important I get this in.

We're still locked out of my server space. Part of it's me being sick (for those who don't know, I have an unending migraine that makes talking on the phone hell), part of it's my husband having a lot on his plate right now. I hoped to have the early dev version online two weeks ago. At least when the app does come online now, it'll have a lot more to offer.

I'll ask my husband to give the guy a call anyway. :) The project is alive and well and making great progress, never fear!

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