Tuesday, November 28, 2017

An amusing interlude...

I've got three "alt" bases now-- muscular, androgynous/teens, and pregnancy. The latter two are my new stuff I whipped up off the female base, while the 'muscular' one is an older walk cycle that never got any assets made for him. It's based off the man's sheet... but it goes off enough that the standard legs and torso pieces won't fit him. Poor guy.

However, I've gone through all three alt bases and added in all the options / accessories that will work. And... erm. The "muscular" options are... interesting.

My husband has decided that this one is a Gentleman Stripper.

This one actually makes a darn good looking gladiator. I might have to extend the base to swing animations. And make the poor man some pants.

This man is too sexy for his pants.

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