Saturday, October 21, 2017

Working Controls Update!

The UI is in game. The buttons work. The character can be moved around with WASD / arrow keys. It's starting to look / act like such a finished product I'm starting to get really annoyed how few body / clothing options I have (during testing).

To-do list for small, immediate things:
  • Make the GameObject that holds those buttons resize based on its content. In other words, the window should be as long as the items inside it (which are being generated dynamically and confusing the thing). That will make the scrollbar work appropriately.
  • Light up the background of the category you're currently on (buttons on the top left).
  • Bar on the bottom right: instead of action 'buttons', add numbers and have the bar on the bottom be an 'equip' hotkey bar. Perform the selected action with the spacebar or 'E' key instead.
  • Hide hotkey bar if all actions are disabled (if the character can only walk around-- useful for NPC creation). 
  • Enable the 'settings' panel. 
  • Then add in all the fancy options.
  • Also-- get that server access up so I can upload this online.

What's going in the settings panel:
  • Render single image button
  • Render animation sheets button
  • Change the preview setting. Eventually, it'll probably have a blank, empty background, a town, a field, maybe some woods. That's for later, though.

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