Friday, October 6, 2017

Three steps forward, one step back

Of yesterday's to-do list:
  1. Add the animations back in.
  2. Expand the preview tools (animation speed, preview size)
  3. Restrict sprite options by animations needed.
  4. QA all current images. (43 sprite sheets)
QA's moved to the bottom, because it'll be so, so much easier to do with the previous three items added.

In tackling #3, though, I've found my folder structure / XML solution's failed me. I wanted to group things together without redundancy (different versions of the same sprite set shared between body types)... and it's not working. Basically, I tried to do this:

And only now am I realizing, "Wait, child bodies have completely different animations than men and women... but they're in the same... um..."

I'm going to need to restructure my folder and XML, take out a few things, and smooth it back over.

Thank goodness I only had a few options listed though. Seriously. I can't imagine what I would have had to do  otherwise. Still, I've been finishing everything else up at a very nice clip, so hopefully I'll have this finished tonight.

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