Monday, October 9, 2017

Post-Refactor Bug Hunt

Just a quick coding update; the refactor is about done! Six beautiful, small classes instead of one huge ugly one and an awkward side-growth. I can navigate it! The code compiles! It's lovely! Yeah!

Of course, with a nice, happy refactor comes a nice happy bug hunt. Here's what I'm dealing with right now:
  • Weeding out character options that don't have the correct animations results in an out-of-sync error. This is weird. It's also disabled at the moment; I'll tackle it after I get some sleep.
  • Trying to manually set a default starting body (so you're not adding eyes to the empty air before you select your skin color) results in an error. But setting the body by the 'skin color' interface works just fine?
  • My very clever trick to make all layers animate together doesn't work on children, which have a completely different animation set. This one is 100% my fault, because I'm lazy and haven't gotten to it yet.
WooOOoo! No body!

Otherwise... I've got some super ugly UI preview controls I'll need to make pretty (the bars on the top right). I'm thinking of having the character controlled by the keyboard-- WASD style, with actions tied to other prominent keys. Maybe a test environment to walk around in.

For now, I can't tell you how great the animation-speed slider is. I can scrub through animations in slow motion and spot weird flickering distortions even on the base model. The image QA work coming up as soon as I fix those three bugs is going to be so much easier.

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