Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Image QA Is Exhausting

Just in case anyone didn't know.

Almost finished with the men. Women and children come next. All animations in all directions in all colors being scrutinized.

What's finished so far:
  • Body / Male / Walk / South - Flickering around the temple
  • Body / Male / Shoot, Thrust / West - Highlight on head flips to the right side
  • Body / Male / Idle / North - One pixel too high
  • Body / Male / Shoot / East - Meta file had a frame off by 1px, jolting the image
  • Body / Male / * - The darkest skin tone doesn't match my color standard
  • Body / Male / * - Give all bodies the same eye color (on the base)
  • Body / Male / Walk / * - (Eliza's a moron who didn't standardize all her walk cycles)
  • Body / Male / * / Shoot / * - Non-standard skin colors!
About half of these were my fault. The other half came with the LPC set. What's left is looking like a tiny bit of hair before I move on to the next set.

The animation preview is still ugly as hell, but it'll do for now. I estimate it'll take about two or three more days of work before I upload the prototype online and invite people to bang on it with rocks to see if it'll break.

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