Tuesday, October 17, 2017

1st Build!

It's got some bugs, and the options are few, and it desperately needs a 'start over' button, not to mention the horrible, clunky UI, but it's running as a web app on Firefox! Rejoice!

Tomorrow I'll have it on a website, and I'll link it here. Maybe with a few more options loaded in, almost certainly with a restart button.

Once we iron out some bugs, here's what's next:
  • New UI. This thing is terrible. The look is clunky. It's just... no.
  • A playable room that can be walked around-- related to the new UI.
  • More options. Also, a bit more refinement on the current options.
  • Custom colors on assets!
  • Render button (render one or render all the sprite sheets)

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