Friday, June 16, 2017

(Hopefully) Quick Break

Just a heads up-- I've been having a hard time lately, and I've been taking a short break from the game until I feel better.

I'm doing some work on my twisted neck, and a few weeks ago something fell into place. Those who know me in person know I have hyper-flexibility and tend to sit in odd positions... well, some of that seems to be due to the fact that I've never been able to feel neck / back pain before. I had no idea.

And damn, do I feel it now. :/ Which is good for me, because I literally can't hunch in damaging positions anymore and my posture's straightened out, but I'm in a lot of constant pain in the meanwhile.

Tl;dr-- Ouch, ouch, dammit, f--- f--- f---ity f---... ... ... I'll be back in a bit.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Character Creator: Content Curation

Just a quick note-- I'm hard at work on the character creator still. I've just slipped into fixing / normalizing content creation. Completing incomplete sets, fixing errors.

It took me a while to notice, but there's several animation problems with the LPC set, even among the base characters. Men's stance widens partway through their walk cycle, facing south. Women facing east or west have a stutter on their arm swing. Women facing south on the 'thrust' animation (for weapons like spears and things, get your mind out of the gutter :P ) have their heads morph into a male's past the first two frames.

Why did her jaw suddenly become so wide...? OH. That's a dude.

Fixed! No more spontaneous thrusting sex changes!!!
It may look like a tiny thing, but you can't count on games always having these guys be tiny sprite-specs in the distance. I want them to look good.

Then you have the eyes not lining up with the walk animation, some clothes doing a skittering thing. Lots of little problems that have me doing a lot of graphics work. Anyway, I'll be working on this for a little while yet. Don't go anywhere. :)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Character Creator: Demo!

I've added in animations!

Still need to put in more hair styles / colors / clothing options, but at the moment we're looking pretty good. :D