Monday, May 1, 2017

May Day Update

First, a big announcement! I am off the Amitriptyline!!!

(Mandatory pause for wild cheering and applause.)

But, in all seriousness. Doing so took almost four months and left my head with what felt like a permanent brain-fog, shifted my moods around, altered brain chemistry... it was terrible. I still feel like someone kicked me in the head, and the fog's going to linger for a few more weeks, but things are going to be so much better. I'm planning on working on the game regularly again as soon as things settle.

In the meantime, I did manage to accomplish a few things before that final drug drop, so since I haven't been giving regular updates, I thought I'll share my recent progress log.

⦁    GUI style drag and drop re-enabled. The current action is displayed in the center of the box. GUI box works when dragged in all four directions, without disappearing on the top left quarter.
⦁    Disabled the tile transition graphics. They look beautiful, but I need to rethink how I go about this, and they confuse the issue while I'm working on drag-and-drop selection.
⦁    Implemented button toggle system, to show the current 'mode' we're on at a glance.
⦁    Till preview and job implementation is in. (I had to disable the 'register job controller' line because the Job Controller isn't currently on.)
⦁    Harvest job prefab created.
⦁    Harvest job preview in drag-and-drop implemented.

⦁    Updated the pine tree prefab-- not done, but good enough for testing purposes
⦁    Logged bug-- 'unique' placement on biome generator doesn't work.
⦁    Fixed biome generator placement; I hadn't implemented the different scatter types in the map generator.
⦁    Chop preview finished.
⦁    Mine preview finished. Large objects registered onto more than one tile have multiple 'mine' symbols. Refine this later.

⦁    Remade the Stone1 graphic sheet to have minimal hang over.
⦁    Tested the new Stone1 in Tiled to check and adjust obvious tiling patterns / problems.
⦁    Made some changes and edits.
⦁    Made three variations.
⦁    Made identical versions for Stone2, Dirt1, Dirt2, and Dirt3.
⦁    Tested these. (They need tweaks.)
⦁    Made another stone version with raised, ragged edges. They don't mesh perfectly, but will do for now.

... And then after the 28th, drug withdrawal symptoms again. But, be assured that things have been moving, and my head's going to be in a much better place, now.

Oh, and have a screenshot of that new stone. :)

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