Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Figuring Out Content Management

Yet another boring code section-- how to tell Unity what to do with the files / data.

I took the weekend off, took a break from coding to make some basalt column graphics for our terrain (it's not very good, but I'll probably fix it up in time). In the meantime, I paused on the character creator because I'd been hard-coding the icon buttons and the options and... while that 'game' is small enough to work just fine without it, having some system in place that loads in item data is going to be vital.

Trying out JSON data
I tried making the objects prefabs, and I've converted all the relevant data to JSON for the characters' clothing (again, focusing solely on the character creator). This is a new, foreign topic for me, and I'm still a bit shaky on it, to be honest. There's also XML and LUA as options, I know MySQL, and I might just seek out someone experienced with Unity and try to get them to talk to me about how they manage content... but I should probably just start with one method, see how it works, and go from there.

Sometimes I feel very apprehensive about tackling upcoming chunks of a project. The funny part is that I usually breeze through whatever I'm worried about, and it's things that I assume will be a breeze going in that stops me cold. The glamorous life of programmers?

Anyway, I'll be back with screenshots when I have something more exciting than JSON to screenshot.

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