Sunday, May 21, 2017

Charactor Creator: clothing finished!

And the clothing section is finished! ... At least, the basics are, anyway.

Most of it, anyway. Here's what we've got:
  • Can click freely between the 'body' menu and the 'clothing' menu (top left icons).
  • Clicking on a clothes button changes what the sprite-guy's wearing.
  • Clicking on a clothes button changes the colors selection down below, so it automatically expands and contracts based on the outfit. I have a pink child's skirt, but not pink child's pants, for instance.
  • If you've picked blue pants, and then go to a skirt, the skirt will be blue, unless there is no blue skirt available. Then it will be a skirt of a random available color.
  • Clicking on a new body type will change the clothing options. Kids' shirts don't fit adult women.
  • Torso and legs are completely set up (this is so that I can figure out the best way to configure them without having to go back to all the other options and change everything fifty times during development.
What I still need to do for clothes:
  • There's currently a bug where going back and changing the body after picking the clothes will change the clothes selection in the UI, but not reset the outfit on the preview window, so you'll get a too-big dress imposed over a child's body, or a woman's legs sticking out of male pants.
  • Feet and accessories need to mirror the torso and the legs section.
  • Need to figure out how to handle capes, bodices, jackets, ect. Outer layers in general.
  • Most of the clothes need to have UI icons made and hooked into the system.
I also need to finish up with the 'current selection' UI thing, which is both in the character menu and the clothing menu. Right now those green outlines you see aren't hooked up to anything; they just hang out there as you move through the buttons. Annoying but not vital, and on my to-do list.

Once all that's done, I'll put in the animations, hook the character's direction up to 'rotate' buttons and the keyboard arrows, figure out how to render the sheets, and... ... well. Those are all the big points. It's close to being released into the wild.

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