Thursday, May 11, 2017

Character Creator!

Character Customization!
I'm still getting through the Amitriptyline withdrawals, but I'm reaching a point where I can think again, provided I manage to sleep. Harder than it sounds; I went over a week without as soon as I quit the stuff. Anyway, point being, more programming! Longer stamina! Things getting done again! Yes! Finally!

The screenshot above is actually a sister mini-project to The Last Score. The Liberated Pixel Cup art set is amazing, but because it was by so many different artists, it's also a little scattered. I wanted to be able to preview and study the characters, color combinations, look for gaps in the set, ect. While the existing LPC generator is great, I wanted to have more control over the UI, the colors / styles, and the animations. I want to be able to run the generator on one monitor and tweak the clothing sheets in Photoshop on the other.

So basically, this is a dev tool for myself that I'm going to be releasing soon online as a stand-alone character creator, which will make it officially my first "game". Later I'll cannibalize it for The Last Score, so players can have some control over who they start out with.

The body selection down to the hair color selection all work; eyes, ears, and noses are coming next. Then once I have that in, I'll add in the clothes, improve the UI, hook up the animations, and release it into the wild.

Stay tuned!

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