Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Character Creator: Ears, pt. 2

"Alright, what smart ass invited the Thalmor?"
Ears are completely finished! Color corrections, new run and idle animations, men, women, children. Everything. Turned out, those long ears I did first were by far he most difficult.

Since run and idle animation versions did take a while, I'm going to do color corrections only on the nose types and fill in the new animations / child noses later. It should take me an hour or two. Once that's done everything body-related will be finished... for stationary figures, anyway.

Which means that it'll be time for clothes next. :rubs hands:

I do mean to continue adding support for running and idling. I'll probably continue in the background, but let's be honest, it's a big job. More hands on deck would be amazing, and if it's those animations that are the biggest thing holding us up, it may be better to make an error or certain pieces saying something like 'Hair [hairname] hasn't been developed for run! Click here to help!' if someone wants to use an outfit or hair that haven't been filled yet.

That way, we get our character creator much sooner, a specific 'to do' list, and maybe some volunteers who've played around with the game and like what they see. Worth considering.

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