Monday, May 15, 2017

Character Creator: Ears pt. 1

I've finished the female run / idle animations! On to the ears.

Pointed Long ears on female idle, in sienna.

At the moment, we have 'normal' (the base figure), 'large', 'pointed', and 'pointed long'. So, three new ear types to match my children, men, and women, eleven skin tones each. That comes down to 99 animation sheets between them all. As of right now, I've finished all female long-ear sheets! 11/99 finished, on top of a night of fixing / setting up the new female animation sheets!

I'm going to guess that it'll take me another day or two to finish the ears, if I can keep my focus like this. I've been working on this all day, so I admit, it's ambitious as a project. So, if we do the math...
  • 11/99 ear sheets (3 ears * 3 bodies * 11 skin tones)
  • 0/99 nose sheets (3 noses * 3 bodies * 11 skin tones)
  • 0/16 eye sheets (8 eye colors * 2 bodies)
  • 0/75 facial hair sheets (5 facial hair styles * 15 colors)
  • 0/960 hair sheets (32 male hair styles * 15 colors * 2 bodies)
The recoloring is easy. Some of these are nothing but quick recolors. Some of these are nearly identical from male to female. ... Even so, that bottom one is going to be a killer. The run tilts the head. Copy / paste won't cut it. Assuming the real work is eight hair redraws per hair style, that still gets up there in effort and time spent.

I'm afraid I may have to par the hair style selection down a bit to make this work. ... On the other hand, there are a lot of 'messy' hair styles. Like eliminating four of the seven blondes, I wonder if some of them won't be missed.

I may post pictures of all the different hair styles and see what you guys think of it, and I'll record how long the first two hair sheets take me, to get a better sense of how much I'll be committing to this. And if I'm very, very lucky, maybe the creator of the run cycle will have some hair already finished. I'll contact her in the meantime.

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