Monday, March 27, 2017

Short Break for a Side Feature...

Still alive. Still making (slow) progress on the game, when I can.

But since I started dropping my medication in mid-January, I've managed to go from 100mg of my meds to 30mg, my current dose. Another five weeks and I'll be off them entirely. Good riddance. Amitriptyline, you were not helpful.

Then hopefully I'll have neat updates every two or three days, the way I used to before I started trying to pry brain-altering drugs out of my bloodstream. :)

I did manage to make some small headway on The Last Score, though, and I thought I'd show it off. First, a cool bug from a few days back, because hey, it could be like a modern art game or something...? Maybe?

Cubism in games...? No, probably not.
And the new feature I just plunked together. Look carefully... no, up, up, right...

Give up? Top right corner. The mini-map is in. :D

It's not coded and everything yet. I'll need to plug in script to control scrolling, zoom, the main camera "box", moving the minimap around with the mouse... but not bad for a half an hour of googling. I don't expect the rest of it to take long, either.

The difficult part will be deciding how I want the map to render, so it's not a grainy reproduction of the original or without ruining the retro styling I've got going. I'll play around with it, maybe throw up some options for people to vote on... but honestly, style isn't what I ought to be focusing on.

I'll update more when I can get to it. :)

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