Sunday, March 12, 2017

Job system in place!

Sorry for the long absence-- between the migraine and struggling to get off these drugs, I had difficulty thinking, much less puzzling out the best way to go about handling NPC job completion.

Because code screenshots are so interesting...?
One of my general coding philosophies is "beat it until it looks stupidly simple". I'd like novices to be able to glance at my work and decide that game programming is easy. Because then I can glance at my work next year (or tomorrow :P ) and know exactly what's going on without spending precious brain cells.

Balancing is something I'm staring at now. Or, I will, once I get numbers plugged into this. While I know that this will only be solved by play-testing and tweaking everything, it's really shocking to realize that in almost every game I play, items' and characters' stats don't actually mean anything on their own.

In other words, I could make a character's HP (hit points) to be 4. ... I could make a character's HP 400. Each one suggests a different system, and that's not something you think about a lot. Or at least, I didn't. I was the GM at tabletop nights who preferred to co-run with a rules lawyer / combat GM so I could focus on characters, story, personal quests and plot and everything story-ish about the adventure.

Anyway. Tldr: I'm not dead, though some days I probably acted / looked like a zombie. I'm happy with the new job-system prototype, and we're moving along. :)

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