Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(Hopefully) Quick Break

Hey guys. So I've been more sick than usual lately. I'm going to take a coding break until I start feeling better.

It's frustrating, because from just after Christmas to the first week in January, I'd really felt better. I'd gotten out of the house for short bursts. I had coffee in a coffee shop...

Then the day before yesterday I could barely walk ten feet without collapsing like an aluminum folding chair. Normal blood pressure, but growing faint even laying down with my head up. I saw the neurologist, decided to stop taking one of my drugs that had changed lately, and the symptoms went down... but even now today, I don't trust myself to walk across the apartment without needing to stop and rest. ... So, so frustrating. To have your world limited to your bed and what's in arms reach; to know that everything's filthy outside the bedroom because you don't have the strength to clean, to read news on the internet as if the universe outside is on fire...

So, yeah. That's my week.

I'll put up neat things when I'm a little more alive. :)

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