Friday, January 13, 2017

Circle of Life: Game Edition

As of the last couple of weeks, my migraine's been getting better. No more getting fish hooks through my temporal lobe! Rejoice!

Unfortunately, this doesn't quite get me out of the woods yet; I've been on quite a few rather heavy-duty drugs for months now, and these last few days have been very hard because drug withdrawal while tapering the dosage is a very real, very nasty thing. I've barely been able to move these last few days. Brushing my teeth has been exhausting. My brain's been in a 'ugh can't think' fog for days.

So, coding hasn't been an option. But I did manage to do some pixel art in the meantime, and I've rather proud of the result. Here's the pixel babies (mine), and the recolored adults (originals done by Redshrike) and children (originals done by kheftel).

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