Sunday, December 4, 2016

UI designs!

Current status: most of the human bodies have been animated and hooked up properly. Once done, I'll need to do the same to the hair and clothes, so sadly I'm going to be limiting their outfits pretty severely to start. It just takes up so much time.

I've taken a break from animation to start working on the HUD (heads up display), though. My current drafts, done in Photoshop:

Main Game Menu
Pause Menu

The UI graphics are made by Buch at

The right menu buttons go in this order: Harvest, Till, Chop Mine, Build, Blueprints, Zones (which includes stockpiles). The round shape in the upper right hand corner will be the mini-map. I'm wondering if a 'plant' icon would be good there-- or, given I'm tracking seeds in the inventory, right click on seeds, click 'plant' then drag-and-drop on a tilled field. ... The last sounds pretty good, actually.
(on right click)

I also haven't decided on how to do days / months yet-- it's one of those things I'm still thinking about. Stardew Valley did full day/nights, but limited each season to 28 days, which had a good pace to it. Rimworld does the same, though the seasons are shorter. Towns just counted the days without a firm day-night cycle. Don't Starve made nights interesting by making them hostile and madness inducing.

Next up-- finish the animations for people, clothes, and hair. Make the right-click action menu UI (added!). Make the left click 'selection' quickview UI. Get a lot of people's opinions and critique about the HUD, then program all these UIs into the game.

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