Sunday, December 11, 2016


Destroying the environment, one tree at a time.
The trees now have falling animations! I spent some time completing the apple tree paintings today, then put a few hours into coding it in. I'll have a particle effect make the area explode with leaves between the crash and the appearance of the log graphic. (Which will be a new learning curve: I don't know much about particle effects at all.)

It'll look less repetitive once I get more trees in. Birch and oak, I think, to start with, but I haven't settled on any one thing yet.

That said, I need to remember to keep the game as small as possible. One type of tree means I can perfect how trees are set up and managed, and clean up the code to be as single-purpose as possible. Having corn as my only crop means I can focus on how the crop grows, and identify any complications while the code is still simple. There are a lot more crops on my to-do list than just corn, but while adding them all it at once would be a lot of fun, it won't get the game built faster.

Note to self-- get a better random object placement system. The placeholder I have now is a hackneyed jumble of nonsense duct taped together.

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