Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Biome Generator is up and running!

It's up!

To make my map now, I go to the map controller, tell it the map size and layout I want (this is a 20x20 tile island map), what biomes to use and in what amounts (meadow, 100% for testing). Boom! Installed landscaping objects that works with my A* pathfinding graph!

I still have a few things to work out, of course:

  1. There's some overlapping, which isn't supposed to happen, so that's one bug to root out. 
  2. In case of overlapping, we shunt the game objects to the next open spot. This should work on some terrain but not others; forest items can bleed into meadows, but not the lake, for instance.
  3. I need to finish the placement method so that it supports multi-tile objects;
  4. Implement padding around certain items, like trees.
  5. Add in secondary terrain splotches (optional, biome-based).
  6. Add in pathways / game trails (optional, biome-based).
  7. Register trees with the tree manager, rocks with the rock manager.
  8. Make the code nice and pretty.
Most of these are small tasks; I could take care of most of them by tonight if the migraine allows and Christmas at the latest, 

Also, having some optional sandy shores automatically slip in between the meadow and water would be nice, but for now it's not needed. MVP first.

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