Tuesday, December 6, 2016

State of the Game 2016-12-06

Just a quick check-in!

Had another doctor's appointment. Completely exhausted by the end of it, but I managed to work several hours on the game anyway. The escape menu is installed and fully functional, except for the save and load buttons (I put a save-game Unity asset in my Christmas list, so I'm hoping on that). I've also finished the right hand menu, minus the mini-map functionality. Buttons can be highlighted and pressed (but the features don't work yet). More importantly, I've implemented a basic speed system, so the game can now be paused, played, and fast-forwarded, and my test army responds accordingly.

Haven't finished the animation bits yet-- will get to that soon. I've also found an open-sourced 2d highlighting script, which I mean to try out. No idea how easy or hard it'll be to make it do what I want, and I'm too brain-dead today to read over the code, but if it is, you'll see the left-click 'selection' stuff done really soon.

Also, I'm a GIT perfectionist and I need to just commit my non-perfect code... but maybe tomorrow. :)

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