Thursday, December 1, 2016

Navigation! Skin edits! Standardizing hair!

Lots of little updates-- the front side of the right click panel is in, and when over a tree 'Chop Tree' is an option. When over ripe crops, 'Harvest Crop' appears. I can also tell characters to go to a certain point, as below:


Rocks are now randomly spawning on the sand biomes, but after looking at my map generation functions I've come to the conclusion that that needs a massive update, and maybe a level editor interface so I can fine-tune the settings.

I have also been working on the characters' and my color scheme, and I've been using the Humanae Project to get a better sample of skin for my five skin tones. (By the way, anyone who wants to get good at sketching out a lot of different types of faces very quickly? That's a great place to practice.)

My previous five skins.
After Humanae.
It may be just a little thing, but I'm really loving the new gradient, particularly since that previous 'olive' shade never felt right. The adult skins will follow. I'm going to take a coding break to get the animations in and settled, then I'll be back to finish the job-system.

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