Friday, December 16, 2016

In Which I Proclaim My Love of Drugs

Just a quick check-in. I haven't gotten much further on game things for a little while; long story short, I'd gotten some wonderful drugs two weeks back that bludgeoned the never-ending migraine into submission. Which you'd think would be a good thing.

For a short while I was feeling well enough to walk around, and I even got to sip fancy coffee at my favorite coffee shop and work for a few hours. I watched a whole movie without much pain. It was amazing.

Except there was a problem, with those drugs: one, neurologists are  shy about prescribing them, because they're heavy-duty, and two, they cost the earth, and if the insurance doesn't pay for them there's no way we could afford them.

Then the neurologist who prescribed these drugs went on vacation. His replacement was not okay prescribing me such a large dose. Then, when she finally broke down and ordered a lesser dose, the pharmacy started buckling. So pretty much everything went wrong, and my migraine came rushing back, and I don't know if I'd forgotten what it was like to not be in constant pain or what, but the pain was so bad that I could barely think straight, much less continue programming.


So. Good news: we finally got another dose of those drugs, and once they kick in, I'm going to be a lot more productive. We will see... I'd love to be able to attend Christmas this year. I don't think we'll even have a tree of our own... there's no way I'd be able to decorate it the way I feel now.

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