Monday, November 21, 2016

Post Code Restructure!


So-- question. I've got five skin colors, and I'm dubious about the mid-range one, which I'm calling 'olive'. The character on the left edge of the third row is an olive.

I'm really not good at judging / adjusting digital color at the moment, because the never-ending migraine bludgeons me into a whimpering puddle if I try to look at a screen without my screen-dimmer. Anyway, I keep thinking that maybe that olive is too gray or too green for skin, but since everything on this screen is kind of gray anyway, I just can't tell. Opinions, anyone?

All in one nice little block. For now.

B.T. - Before Trees

After Trees!
(Okay, the trees aren't really in yet. Not properly anyway. Going to work on getting them installed the right way next.)

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