Thursday, November 24, 2016

Hair and inheritance, the sequel

10 hair colors is probably too much... but it's pretty?
I was working on a good system to place and stack inanimate objects on a tile in ways that made sense, then took a break to play with more hair. Since I've gotten a lot of different art pieces from several artists (I've added a credits page), I get hair that's not all standard hues. This cheat sheet should help.

That's the problem with procedural games, really. A lot of 2d game sprites were made to be placed by an artist, not a foolproof-all-angles set up. Having ten hair colors means I should have ten hair colors in short, medium, and long hair. It really adds up quickly.

But, we'll make the genetics and hair growth much, much later. For now, I'll continue using my current code (and a four-options switch) and put the rainbow aside.

In the meantime-- I give you completely procedural forests and corn plants. This time, it's the actual tree and corn plants, not just their image stamped over and over, which means it will work with our pathfinding system. Which is now installed!

Next up-- re-installing the job queue classes that I made while following Quill's tutorial. The people will wander (idle) by walking a few steps this way and that when they have no jobs, and they'll navigate through the forest to cut down a specified tree, ect.

I know this looks like other screenshots I've posted... but those are real, proper trees. ... We'll work on variety later.

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