Sunday, November 20, 2016

Brief Update: Structural Decisions

A quick note-- still working on design and structure and such decisions. Things like "Wait, do we want to track animals' hunger and diets?" and "If we have a world map and a local map, and some of the characters leave their starter map to scavenge from the local town, do the other characters get paused? Does the AI take over for them??". There's also the famous "to OOP or not OOP?" question; lately, a lot of people on the internet are insisting that a component-based system will be easier and cleaner, and there's no doubt that this is Unity's focus.

All these things are kinda important, but not really fancy enough to put on a blog.

That said, I'm shifting my MVP to include satiating hunger and having kids. Because, really, that's probably the core mechanics of the game. For later, I have dreams of tracking some basic traits and doing Punnett squares and watching what happens... but I might put in skin tone genes early. Particularly since I may have done all their walk cycle sprites ahead of time.

Getting distracted? What? Me? No!

Anyway. Back to pounding on the keyboard.

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