Thursday, October 19, 2017

Demo Scene Addition

Mini-update! I added a quick scene, and... well. I had no idea how good that would make it look. I keep reaching for WASD to move the guy around.

It stands to reason that temporary, sucky UX (WASD/arrow keys and the selection bar) comes next, so I can keyboard-shortcut this guy around his tiny arena.

2nd Build, and UI thoughts (Feedback Appreciated!)

2nd build! Restart button is in! Five graphics bugs fixed, two non-graphics bugs fixed. It's been so long since I used my web dev stuff that I can't get in anymore, though, so... sorry, it'll take a few more days to get a playable version online. Support emails required.

I've also made several new children's shirts-- since the shading on the kids' clothes was... well, it looked off compared to some of the rest, and there's really few children's options. Then I added a couple of colors, and I'm going through the color dilemma again. Why this color and not that one? What options should I include? Do these palettes clash? Am I going overboard on the colors? Pixel art is supposed to make heavy use of repeating colors... and this is only sort of pixel-y...

It goes on. Still debating myself if I should remove the washed out skin tones and just have 8, then add the custom color option once I get that working. 'Comet' and 'Dove' will probably not be used nearly as much but... I erm... wanted to make dark elves. Don't hate me.

 Moving on. UI thoughts--

I've got some UX in mind, but how to make them look cute and professional... that might take some work. 

Just imagine the bottom 'action' bar has icons that make sense. A sword, a bow...

I have no idea what I'm doing here (visually).
 You probably see my point. UX-wise, it's pretty okay. Visually... ye gods, someone help me.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

1st Build!

It's got some bugs, and the options are few, and it desperately needs a 'start over' button, not to mention the horrible, clunky UI, but it's running as a web app on Firefox! Rejoice!

Tomorrow I'll have it on a website, and I'll link it here. Maybe with a few more options loaded in, almost certainly with a restart button.

Once we iron out some bugs, here's what's next:
  • New UI. This thing is terrible. The look is clunky. It's just... no.
  • A playable room that can be walked around-- related to the new UI.
  • More options. Also, a bit more refinement on the current options.
  • Custom colors on assets!
  • Render button (render one or render all the sprite sheets)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Basic Body QA Complete; Basic Clothing Options Are In!

Dang, I love well designed code. Adding clothing XML, slots, methods, the works took half an hour. Yes!

I'm going to need to fix a few more things up-- some quick image QA for the basic clothing options, a few options for women and children bodies, being able to go back to the body menu from the clothes menu, a 'restart' button... but basically, we're done with the super basics! Yes! Victory!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Image QA Is Exhausting

Just in case anyone didn't know.

Almost finished with the men. Women and children come next. All animations in all directions in all colors being scrutinized.

What's finished so far:
  • Body / Male / Walk / South - Flickering around the temple
  • Body / Male / Shoot, Thrust / West - Highlight on head flips to the right side
  • Body / Male / Idle / North - One pixel too high
  • Body / Male / Shoot / East - Meta file had a frame off by 1px, jolting the image
  • Body / Male / * - The darkest skin tone doesn't match my color standard
  • Body / Male / * - Give all bodies the same eye color (on the base)
  • Body / Male / Walk / * - (Eliza's a moron who didn't standardize all her walk cycles)
  • Body / Male / * / Shoot / * - Non-standard skin colors!
About half of these were my fault. The other half came with the LPC set. What's left is looking like a tiny bit of hair before I move on to the next set.

The animation preview is still ugly as hell, but it'll do for now. I estimate it'll take about two or three more days of work before I upload the prototype online and invite people to bang on it with rocks to see if it'll break.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bugs Exterminated; Image QA Started!

So far...
  • adult figures ears and temples have a weird walk cycle flicker
  • the female head-shape change during the thrust animation hasn't been fixed for all skins
  • curly, short hair is pushed so far to the side that it exposes part of the head
  • eyes are out of sync with the male walk cycle
  • brown eyes look dull and empty compared to the other colors
I've got work to do.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Post-Refactor Bug Hunt

Just a quick coding update; the refactor is about done! Six beautiful, small classes instead of one huge ugly one and an awkward side-growth. I can navigate it! The code compiles! It's lovely! Yeah!

Of course, with a nice, happy refactor comes a nice happy bug hunt. Here's what I'm dealing with right now:
  • Weeding out character options that don't have the correct animations results in an out-of-sync error. This is weird. It's also disabled at the moment; I'll tackle it after I get some sleep.
  • Trying to manually set a default starting body (so you're not adding eyes to the empty air before you select your skin color) results in an error. But setting the body by the 'skin color' interface works just fine?
  • My very clever trick to make all layers animate together doesn't work on children, which have a completely different animation set. This one is 100% my fault, because I'm lazy and haven't gotten to it yet.
WooOOoo! No body!

Otherwise... I've got some super ugly UI preview controls I'll need to make pretty (the bars on the top right). I'm thinking of having the character controlled by the keyboard-- WASD style, with actions tied to other prominent keys. Maybe a test environment to walk around in.

For now, I can't tell you how great the animation-speed slider is. I can scrub through animations in slow motion and spot weird flickering distortions even on the base model. The image QA work coming up as soon as I fix those three bugs is going to be so much easier.