Monday, March 27, 2017

Short Break for a Side Feature...

Still alive. Still making (slow) progress on the game, when I can.

But since I started dropping my medication in mid-January, I've managed to go from 100mg of my meds to 30mg, my current dose. Another five weeks and I'll be off them entirely. Good riddance. Amitriptyline, you were not helpful.

Then hopefully I'll have neat updates every two or three days, the way I used to before I started trying to pry brain-altering drugs out of my bloodstream. :)

I did manage to make some small headway on The Last Score, though, and I thought I'd show it off. First, a cool bug from a few days back, because hey, it could be like a modern art game or something...? Maybe?

Cubism in games...? No, probably not.
And the new feature I just plunked together. Look carefully... no, up, up, right...

Give up? Top right corner. The mini-map is in. :D

It's not coded and everything yet. I'll need to plug in script to control scrolling, zoom, the main camera "box", moving the minimap around with the mouse... but not bad for a half an hour of googling. I don't expect the rest of it to take long, either.

The difficult part will be deciding how I want the map to render, so it's not a grainy reproduction of the original or without ruining the retro styling I've got going. I'll play around with it, maybe throw up some options for people to vote on... but honestly, style isn't what I ought to be focusing on.

I'll update more when I can get to it. :)

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Job system in place!

Sorry for the long absence-- between the migraine and struggling to get off these drugs, I had difficulty thinking, much less puzzling out the best way to go about handling NPC job completion.

Because code screenshots are so interesting...?
One of my general coding philosophies is "beat it until it looks stupidly simple". I'd like novices to be able to glance at my work and decide that game programming is easy. Because then I can glance at my work next year (or tomorrow :P ) and know exactly what's going on without spending precious brain cells.

Balancing is something I'm staring at now. Or, I will, once I get numbers plugged into this. While I know that this will only be solved by play-testing and tweaking everything, it's really shocking to realize that in almost every game I play, items' and characters' stats don't actually mean anything on their own.

In other words, I could make a character's HP (hit points) to be 4. ... I could make a character's HP 400. Each one suggests a different system, and that's not something you think about a lot. Or at least, I didn't. I was the GM at tabletop nights who preferred to co-run with a rules lawyer / combat GM so I could focus on characters, story, personal quests and plot and everything story-ish about the adventure.

Anyway. Tldr: I'm not dead, though some days I probably acted / looked like a zombie. I'm happy with the new job-system prototype, and we're moving along. :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Time Completion (and health update)

This'll be a pretty short update. I've gotten the time controls, lunar cycles, and day / night cycles up and running, along with a functional UI. The amount of light at night waxes and wanes with the moon, the days grow longer and shorter before and after the solstaces. I admit, the code making up the time control class is a mess and needs to be split up into pieces and streamlined, but that'll be for another day.

(Temperature and weather currently on hold.)
I do have what will hopefully be awesome news, though! I went for another doctor's appointment the other day, but this time it was a doctor specializing in sports medicine. About two weeks ago I'd wrenched my shoulder (the same shoulder I'd wrenched last year). 

This wasn't completely surprising; I've been stuck in bed for over seven months now, so of course my muscles aren't in the best shape anymore. So in I go to see the doctor, explain the history with that shoulder, mention the migraine and that my mom has had spine problems... and after a brief but impressively targeted examination he finds that my neck is completely out of whack and that the center of my head is a whole inch left of the center of the rest of my body. Which in turn skews arms and all this connecting stuff.

... Which can cause migraines.

So I'm off for another MRI on Monday morning. I get copies of the pictures to stare at my insides as soon as they're done, which thrills my geeky, anatomy-loving heart. Wednesday morning we're back to the sports doctor to start fixing whatever's fucked up up there, and then...

And then you might get to see how I tear through this project when I don't have a giant lamprey latched to the back of my head.

So. Fingers crossed. I'm really hoping this is it. I'll make a post about how it goes then.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day / Night Cycle Finished!

The day / night cycle is complete!

It now has:
  1. sunrise / sunset transitions based on real world length and times
  2. longer daylight hours in the summer and shorter in the winter
  3. varying levels of darkness at night, depending on the stage of the moon
I've also fixed the firelight / lamp lights, so they no longer become glaring in the day. As for the shadows... I'm just going to leave them the way they are for the time being. Ultimately they're not that important.

The time display wasn't in the video, but a few seconds after hitting 'play' I fast forwarded the game from playing 1 second = 1 game minute to 1 second =  30 game minutes.

Next I'm going to integrate the Easy Save system I was gifted for Christmas next while this refactor is small and manageable. After that, we'll go back to tackling the hard stuff: the job system, and AI prioritizing / needs / decision making.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Sunrise / Sunsets

Getting the colors / values right; I may have to consider what to do about the shadows... maybe dim their alpha in the dark? I know I'll be lowering the light intensity from the campfire during the daytime (it looks like a flare now), but it's a start.

I could do shadow animations, (which sounds like a pain). I could also put in primitive shapes off the base and use some of the Unity asset store tools to have dynamic shadows... buuut most likely I'll just do an alpha fade on the shadow layer when it gets dark out.

Anyway, I'll just get the sunset / sunrise cycles going for now.

Growing plants!

Not that I actually think full-grown corn is going to materialize the first day of spring. :P

Corn is growing, the clock is progressing.

Obviously plants won't grow this fast in game, but there's something satisfying about seeing them pop up like that. I'd meant to go back to the job system, but it's been so long since I had the strength to code, I thought I'd do something easy first. I've also scripted this in such a way that I can apply this script to any plant, and the LPC collection has peppers, carrots, artichokes, (eggplant? zucchini? cucumber?), and tomatoes as well.

Tomorrow's goal: change the lighting throughout the day-- dark blue at night, brightest around noon, with a nice happy glow around fires and lanterns. Keeping it simple, while I'm battling drug withdrawal.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(Hopefully) Quick Break

Hey guys. So I've been more sick than usual lately. I'm going to take a coding break until I start feeling better.

It's frustrating, because from just after Christmas to the first week in January, I'd really felt better. I'd gotten out of the house for short bursts. I had coffee in a coffee shop...

Then the day before yesterday I could barely walk ten feet without collapsing like an aluminum folding chair. Normal blood pressure, but growing faint even laying down with my head up. I saw the neurologist, decided to stop taking one of my drugs that had changed lately, and the symptoms went down... but even now today, I don't trust myself to walk across the apartment without needing to stop and rest. ... So, so frustrating. To have your world limited to your bed and what's in arms reach; to know that everything's filthy outside the bedroom because you don't have the strength to clean, to read news on the internet as if the universe outside is on fire...

So, yeah. That's my week.

I'll put up neat things when I'm a little more alive. :)